Custom Registration, Inc.

Housing Services

CRI Housing provides ‘radically effective’ customer interaction solutions. That’s a pretty clinical definition, so here’s some examples of solutions we provide:

  • Site Inspection and Hotel Contract Negotiations - We will assist you in all aspects of your event, including on site Inspections and hotel contracting. Over the years hotels have taken advantage of meeting planners and trade show managers. Events are scheduled so far out and are so unpredictable, hotels are looking out for themselves and include clauses in contracts that can come back to haunt a meeting planner. It's our job to help you determine what an acceptable rate is, block requirements and to negotiate a contract that is a win for both your event and the hotel. Ask us about our NON ATTRITION clause in our contracts. It really works!

  • Customer Service - CRI Housing prides itself in being able to provide superior customer service. We promptly respond to every request that an attendee or Client may have. It's our job to provide a great experience for everyone that we come into contact with. If we don't have the answer, we will find it and stand behind it. We are always ready and willing to help anyway we can.

  • Attrition Management - Attrition clauses and attrition management has become an everyday occurrence. Upon review and approval, CRI Housing will take the risk with you concerning attrition clauses. CRI Housing will put "Skin in the Game". Ask us about our Attrition Protection Commitment to you.

  • Inventory Management - The responsibility of inventory management has a tendency of being over looked by a lot of account managers, and account executives. It is our responsibility to make you aware at all times, how your inventory is being managed and distributed. Some housing companies provide ONLINE reporting and say "Look it up whenever you want". We do the same, but we look it up with you! ONLINE reporting is an important feature that we offer, but more than anything else we spend time with you to better understand what is happening and how your event can be affected.

  • Subsidy/Rebate Collection - Are you collecting a subsidy on every room night of your event? Do you need help covering transportation expenses, registration expenses, VIP or entertainment expenses? A subsidy can be added to each room night that typically won't affect the attendee to any great extent. We provide complete reporting and support getting the funds from the hotel Ask how you can get your Subsidy/Rebate before the event!

While this list includes many different types of services, our overriding objective is to provide you with a friend in the industry, someone who wants to get you know your attendees and you!